Best Colombian Coffee Beans of 2022 (Read BEFORE Buying)

Coffee is one of the many things that unite all kinds of people. Just like religion, culture and languages, coffee is a love language that is known to have the best kind of attention all over the world. People who love coffee and love exploring the many types of coffee in the world are always looking for something new to experiment with. There are many kinds of coffee in the world and the most popular classification that people are familiar with are Arabica and Robusta. Colombian Coffee is a type of Arabica Coffee beans that are cultivated with the utmost care and picked to make the most flavourful coffee in the world. Many people love and adore Colombian coffee for its rich taste, luxurious feel, body and blend. It is like none other in the world and is a special favourite amongst coffee lovers in the world.

Coffee Beans in 2022

Coffee is a prized category – there are major fans for the love and experience of a cup of coffee. Although fans are divided by their favourite kinds of coffee beans, the various blends and the various styles of coffee – they are all united by the single all-inclusive love for coffee. There are two major kinds of coffee beans in the world generally speaking:

1. Robusta Coffee

Robusta Coffee is a popular type of coffee that is darker, richer and stronger than Arabica. Robusta is a coffee that is bitter and dark and is suited for more refined taste buds as they make for excellent espresso blends. Robusta coffee has more body than Arabica and is therefore able to give a luxurious dark roast and blend for a refreshing cup of dark brewed coffee.

2. Arabica Coffee

Arabica coffee is a light, aromatic, rich blend that gives a sweet, luxurious and golden blend coffee. Arabica coffee is more suited for all kinds of coffee lovers and even those who do not know much about coffee beans. Arabica coffee is lighter than Robusta making it easier on those who do not know much about coffee. Even within the Arabica coffee beans, there are many kinds of coffee beans that are cultivated from the most popular coffee plants in the world.

The most precious and prized out of them all is perhaps the Colombian Coffee. Colombian coffee is not a species of coffee bean – they are arabica coffee beans that are cultivated in Colombia. These coffee beans are extremely aromatic with a slight citrusy acidity to it. The rich flavour of Colombian coffee is loved by fans all over the world.

Even within Colombian Coffee, there are many types such as Typica, Bourbon, Caturra and Maragogype. These are the various types of Colombian coffee that are cultivated in the country. They vary in the degree of strength, flavour, acidity, body and the rich aromatic flavour amongst each other. Colombian coffee is known to be one of the favourites amongst coffee lovers for its rich, dark blend that can be adjusted to maintain the flavour but to brew a lighter blend as well. Today, there are many brands in the market selling Colombian Coffee both in stores and on the internet. Buyers must be careful in choosing brands that are genuine and sell original Colombian coffee as there are some counterfeit products in the market at exorbitant prices. Not all expensive coffee is a Colombian Coffee bean.

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