Is Alexa Always Listening to Me When I Talk on the Phone?

Are you wondering if Alexa is always listening to you when you talk on the phone? This article aims to answer this question. Read on to discover if your smart assistant is listening to your conversations. Despite its clever capabilities, you’re still not safe from being bugged by Alexa. You’re liable to activate Alexa accidentally and it could upload audio to the cloud. While this is a rare occurrence, it still happens.

There are many ways to stop Alexa from listening to your conversations. You can either disable Alexa’s microphone or make it require a specific button to activate it. Alternatively, you can enable the microphone and make it require a word before it responds to your voice. Either way, it is a good idea to disable this feature if you wish to protect yourself and your privacy. This way, you’ll be assured that Alexa’s microphone isn’t recording your conversation.

Amazon has never hidden the fact that it records after a trigger word. It has even published this information. Despite the fact that most people tend to ignore it, the fact remains that Amazon employs thousands of workers who review recorded recordings and video captured by Show Devices. However, this doesn’t mean that Amazon is only listening to what you say. The company also records all activity, not just the responses you give to Alexa.

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