Is BJK University Legit?

If you’re wondering, “is BJK University legit?” you’ve come to the right place. The company behind this training program has a great reputation and has a stellar community of people who have made it work for other people. The company’s refund policy isn’t as generous as some of its competitors, but it’s better than nothing. It offers refunds via email or SMS.

BJK University’s founder, Bashar J. Katou, is not your typical online business owner. He’s a social media personality and digital entrepreneur with over 40K subscribers on YouTube and one million followers on Instagram. He has entrepreneurial skills inherited from his father, who fled the war in Iraq with his family during the early 2000s. But it’s not all positive. This training program costs far more than a brick-and-mortar business, and the success rate is low.

The BJK University program is a hub for premium e-commerce courses. They teach the Fulfillment by Amazon model, which combines online selling physical products. Members learn proven strategies and receive hands-on help, as well as access to a community of like-minded individuals. In addition to online training, BJK University members also get access to coaching sessions with successful Amazon sellers. The program is geared toward newbies and is backed by a legit owner.

BJK University offers a lot of valuable resources, but they’re not cheap. The training is $3000 for the course itself, but you’ll also receive access to live webinars, coaching, and other freebies. While you’ll get access to tons of free resources and support, the program’s high price tag may put you off. There are no guarantees, however, so you’ll have to do your research and decide if it’s worth the cost.

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