Marti Renti

Based on my real DNA

Digital Note of Authenticity
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Relationship nft

First ever Love NFT

This is the first ever Love NFT based on digital DNA of Marti Renti. Symbol and the beginning of the new digital era.


The holder of the only one Marti Renti's Love NFT will have full rights to her digital Love. Moreover he will be invited to a one on one dinner with Marta Rentel in the physical world. Will heart follow what technology advice?

NFT More and more fragments of our daily lives start to have their digital equivalent. Small talks in trains became phone calls and phone calls morphed into messengers. We used to have analogue pictures only, we now have them mostly digitized. Long distance relationships were never that thinkable and became possible mostly because the metaverse reality draws us in such a gentle and seductive way that we didn't even notice that our lives became parallel.

By crafting my Digital Love (and other emotions) I'm only naming a thing that already exists but no one seems to notice. Physical love, platonic love and digital love may be different, but each one is real in the same way all our thoughts and feelings are. And digital means eternal - like for real. People are passing away but whatever remains - photographs, souvenirs, old letters - ignites the memories of those who're no longer with us. And what's now being digitized will stay with us till the end of the world.

If I manage to successfully mint my Digital Love and find my second half, then why shouldn't other feelings and emotions just follow? Overall androids do dream of electric sheep. And this is why all the Digital NFTs have to be true as long as they have my DNA encoded in every fiber of their blockchain existence.

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Content nft


You can receive in packs or buy my Content NFT which can be a photo for example my first photo from Instagram which will be on Platinum level or just random photo from some photo shoot which will be more Common Level. Imagine that you will be the owner of my biggest YouTube video.


Photo, Video, Stories, Drawings.