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Treatment For Internal Bleeding After a Car Accident

There are many reasons to seek treatment for internal bleeding after a car accident. Even the smallest car accident can cause internal bleeding, which may stop on its own or with clotting agents. But in the worst case, it can become severe and lead to a coma or even death. In these cases, you should seek medical care immediately and follow the doctor’s treatment plan. In many cases, simple treatments will not be sufficient to stop the bleeding. Surgery may be necessary to prevent the internal bleeding from spreading to other parts of the body.

While minor bleeding may stop on its own, severe cases will require more aggressive treatment. In such a case, the doctor will need to find the source of the bleeding and stop it. A doctor may use X-rays and other diagnostic tests to determine the extent of internal bleeding. If the bleed isn’t too severe, the doctor may perform an exploratory surgery to stop it. If the bleeding has not stopped, the doctor may prescribe a stronger treatment such as a blood transfusion or a catheter.

If you notice that you’ve experienced internal bleeding following a car accident, call your local emergency number and get to the hospital right away. Depending on the severity of the bleeding, you may need IV fluids, blood transfusions, or a CT scan. You’ll also need to undergo X-rays if you are unconscious. Internal bleeding can occur in a variety of areas, including the intestines, kidneys, and liver. A severe case may cause seizures, dilation of the pupils, slurred speech, agitation, and weakness.

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