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Why I Hate Modern Video Games

If you are a gamer and have ever played a modern video game, you may be wondering why you hate it so much. Modern video games aren’t perfect, but they are constantly changing to match changing tastes and whims of players. In other words, they are continually evolving to make money for publishers. If you hate modern video games, there are many reasons why. Keep reading to learn why you should avoid them.

One of the main problems in modern gaming is the smurfing, or playing a game in a lower skill level than you are actually capable of. These players are known as smurfs. While modern video games have better graphics, more mainstream names, and more social acceptance, there is a certain level of cheating in many of them. In order to counter this issue, you should try some of the retro games on the market.

The first two games mentioned above have a lot of similarities. They were designed to be played with friends, but the multiplayer is a waste of time. They have a lot of repetitive gameplay and the same storyline. Those who played Deus Ex will know that it’s an utterly different experience from modern games. But what makes modern games so bad? Firstly, they’re so cheesy!

Second, they feature violent content. Despite being a popular series, it’s hard to find a single example of a game that does not feature violence. The genre’s violence is one of the biggest causes of a backlash against the modern video game industry. Some people consider these games akin to movies, but that doesn’t make them bad, as long as it’s not explicit. And, in the end, it’s still better than a film.

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